The shape of a day

Do you plan out your days? Or do they let them flow naturally? If you plan your days, how do you do it? What’s your plan? What are your routines? I am especially interested in the answers of those who work for themselves or from home.

3 thoughts on “The shape of a day

  1. What a great question, and I wish I had a more definitive answer. My days are structured into a mix of scheduled appointments and discretionary time. The tough part is that a lot of my planning and creative time is sandwiched into small openings in my schedule, and I don’t always have the motivation to do the things I need to do.

    However, what really helped me to turn a corner is getting focused work done first thing in the morning. First thing meaning 6am. That way when I show up at the breakfast table I’ve already scored a win, no matter how small.

  2. The shape of my day is a fluid block! Haha, I don’t have a structured plan for my days, preferring to let things unfold as my energy dictates, but they do follow a pattern.

    Twice a week I will head out to gym at 630am, grab breakfast with my buddies after and then I head home immediately to create. If I have errands/ appointments I tend to schedule them on the days I have gym so I get them done before I head home. (I tend to block my days. If Im out, I try to stay out as much as my energy allows)

    I prefer long stretches of uninterrupted focus when it comes to work so I’m often at home working where I am able to put on focus tunes etc to set the mood for creating.

    What about you?

  3. I don’t work from home full time, and I have a day job and a side hustle. I am trying to focus on planning my day. I have an “ethic” or set of values. Each morning I look at my calendar and think of the things I need to do, then think of all that with the lens of my values. Each night I reflect. Sometimes the plan and reflect is in a notebook, or on my computer. Sometimes just on a piece of paper. Sometimes I do this in-part, or not at all. I feel better on the days I do this though.

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