BS detector

“I have my students learn, whenever they read anything, listen to a TED talk, a debate, a conversation – they should ask a number of specific questions. For example, is the speaker being specific? People who know what they’re talking about usually are very specific. They can say who, what, where, when. How many, how often. Now people who are BS artists – they will not be specific because specificity entails responsibility.”
– Roberto Guzman

ten recent thoughts

1. Passive reading is not learning.

2. Resist the mind’s default of wanting to do easy things. (Easy is often greasy + unhealthy.)

3. Constraints create the conditions for freedom.

4. “Be grateful 1,000 times a day”. – Wahe Takeda

5. Peace of mind… is the true cure. And the holy grail.

6. Circumstances > thoughts > emotions > actions > our life. To change our life, we change our thoughts about our circumstances (since we often can’t change our circumstances).

7. Fill your life with the things that make you happy.

8. Be kind about the things you say about yourself to yourself.

9. To know yourself, keep failing.

10. We’re more than good enough – we are enough. =)