Time is bizarre and life equally so. So many mixed feelings about these two things and so many thoughts that cannot find expression because I’m just not good enough of a writer. So I fall back on music and hope you somehow know what I mean. Maybe you do…

I’m still working on my little community library project and I’m still feeling stupidly happy about everything, even though there’re about 200 more things to do than I’d imagined. I do think I was led by life to this moment. Although I can say the same thing about every moment before this, this very moment just feels more comfortable, more right, more interesting, more filled with potential, more effortless, even though there is a lot of work involved.

I’ve always loved libraries. They are a glimpse of the kind of ‘better world’ we all want to live in. That’s because by their very nature they are inclusive and welcoming. Anyone who walks through the doors of a library is reminded, just by inhaling the air of the library, just by being embraced by its atmosphere, to be a kinder and more caring person, and to forget, for a moment, the usual rules of our capitalistic society.

A library is a good place.


I was walking at the park today and found myself looking up at the HDB blocks (what we call our public housing here in Singapore) opposite. Every window represents a home. Every home houses individuals, sometimes just one of them, who has to somehow make a living in this world. Life is difficult for so many people and the loneliness can be so hard to bear. But for a split second as I watched those windows I felt strings connecting me with every window and every human shielded behind it. I sensed for a split second how tethered we are to each other, between me and every anonymous uncle smoking a cigarette on the street, every office lady, every security guard, every cyclist, every secondary schoolgirl. And I felt a moral responsibility to try my best to be a better human being.

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