A list of potential ultralearning projects

Here are some ideas on my own want-to-ultralearn backburner list:

– Making my own electronic music (releasing an album of electronic music, a la Lullatone)
– Editorial design (creating layouts for books and magazines)
– Illustrating and writing a children’s book
– Making a short film
– Creating an online course
– Creating an app
– Writing a book
– Building my blog from scratch

I’ll update this whenever a new one comes to mind!

2 thoughts on “A list of potential ultralearning projects

  1. I started making music as a hobby 6 years ago, and it’s super fun and rewarding. If you’re interested there’s a really good online class by Andrew Huang where you produce 3 songs in 30 days, and it targets all levels (of course if you’re a beginner you probably need to dedicate more time): https://learnmonthly.com/andrew-huang-music/

    (FIY: it’s really hard to write comments in your blog, because when you type the text area background changes to salmon and the font to white, leaving virtually no contrast.)

    1. Woah thanks for this recommendation. I’ll go check it out!

      Thanks for the heads-up about the comment background color, I’ll work on it!

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