3 thoughts on “the elegant joy of black and white photography

  1. I really like these! How do you find the confidence to walk around with your camera outside? I’m always too shy and self-conscious when I do.

    1. Dear Mario,

      From my experience, the cure for shyness and self-consciousness while doing street photography is simply to do it. Once you do it often enough, you will realise no one really cares about you and your camera. It can help to be shooting with a smaller camera rather than a huge DSLR. It also helps to be polite and to smile if someone spots you taking a photo of them. Sometimes I get asked to delete the photo I’ve taken and I will do it, out of respect for the person’s privacy.

      The important thing is not to let your shyness get in your way. The thing about photography is that it throws you into direct contact with life, and that can be scary at times, but if you want to do the photography you want to do, there is simply no way about it except to go out bravely and shoot.

      Good luck with everything!

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