ten recent thoughts

1. Listen > talk.

2. No one has to be normal or follow the crowd.

3. Writing and not living what you write is a serious form of hypocrisy. Embody your words / beliefs / philosophy.

4. Most times, it’s not about me – I almost never have to take things personally.

5. Turn off all digital devices. Look up. Look around. Participate in this amazing simulation you’re already in. Manipulate reality. Change the outcome of things. Create new stuff. Enjoy the simulation. It’s fun.

6. The good news is we can restart, begin afresh, anytime.

7. Kindness is hard. Choose hard.

8. Discipline is a friend, not a foe.

9. If I want to, I can read one book a day. What an empowering thought.

10. Stop fighting, resisting, struggling with yourself. Let the imaginary war end.

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