some life updates

1. I lost my French streak on Duolingo. I was at about day 130+ and then, one day, I simply forgot about logging in to do a lesson. Now I gotta start all over again.

2. Bought a MacBook Pro 16 inch recently. What a powerful machine. We really do live in the future.

3. I bought my own home! Personal milestone. It’s a small 600+ square feet apartment (in Singapore). We have been watching Never Too Small to hype ourselves up about living in a tiny home. Then of course we realised many people who live in tiny homes make do with spaces way smaller than 600+ sqft, and now our future home doesn’t feel quite as small anyway.

4. My nephew is arriving on earth in less than two weeks. And another nephew in a few months. Babysitting duties are about to get quite serious.

5. Currently reading “Solitude” by Michael Harris + “When Your Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress” by Gabor Maté (both super interesting) + “How to Draw Without Talent” by Danny Gregory.

6. I learned to drink (and appreciate) coffee recently.

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