Going without internet

Thinking of going on an internet fast at home. Has anyone done it before? I want to turn off the internet for a few days (or a week?) and see what life is like without a constant connection (and the constant pull) to the interwebs.

Does the idea scare you? Excite you? Fill you with dread? A feeling of doom mixed with horror?

Yes, ME TOO.

But I really want to try this. I feel like there might be an adventure hidden in there somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Going without internet

  1. Do it, just make sure you have something to do instead. I always feel better after a vacation, which usually includes being offline most of the time..

  2. Yeah, definitely do it. I’m about to start Deep Work by Cal Newport. And I need a better routine, to manage the study fatigue that’s setting in after months of remote work/training.

    Keep notes about it, for sure. (Pencil and paper, obvs. 🙂 )

    1. Yeah I think I will, and I will definitely pull out my pen and paper and journal about it!

      Anyway I read on your blog about your anxiety. This guy really helped me a lot — http://anxietynomore.uk/

      I hope it helps you too!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I go fully offline when on holiday or at festivals and even take a dumb phone instead of a connected smartphone. It’s amazing to do, so I’d say definitely give it a go.

    1. Hey Alastair,

      Thanks for sharing. With all the encouragements I think I need to do something next week, haha.

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