New plans for the website

Well, I don’t have anything lofty planned really. But the idea, moving forward, is to continue to use this website as a repository for my thoughts and my internet identity. It will also continue to be my private playground, my own little corner of the neighbourhood in this crazy place called The Internet where I can document my obsessions and do pretty much anything I want.

I’ll continue to write for the newsletter but it will now be decoupled from the posts on this website. Posts here are now blog posts as opposed to what used to simply be copies of the content on my newsletter. Blog posts here will be long or short. They will be about anything under the sky. I’ll try to write as often as I can, but there are no rules.

PS: If you have a website/blog too, I’d love to hear from you and get connected!

2 thoughts on “New plans for the website

  1. You know, I’ve been silently reading your blog and taking inspiration from you ever since I started listening to the Lito podcasts. I have tried starting my blog many times, started a post but subsequently deleting them, due to fear. As much as I know that my blog is for me to share “whatever the fuck i want”, but I still sit paralysed at a blank post page, overthinking everything. Feeling like ok, I need to craft it a certain way, I need to organise my posts so they make sense.

    But here you are again, writing a post like this ^, that reminded me that I can do “pretty much anything I want”! (: Thank you for the timely reminder and I’ll make time to write something in the next few days! ((:

  2. A perfect Indieweb attitude! I’m all for taking back the web but good things can happen on social networks, we just need to ensure that any use is intentional and not get sucked into their gravity wells.

    I love seeing people reclaim that old internet spirit.

    As I posted, my site and email addresses are “the canonical representation of me on the web” and that’s all I really need.

    Patrick Rhone is responsible for bringing you to my attention and subscribing was a no-brainer.

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