Go deep

Going wide can be overwhelming—there’s so much to read, watch, think about. So go deep instead. Reread the books you love. Go back to your notes, over and over again. Rewatch movies. Chew over the ideas that have inspired you—allow them to sink roots, become a part of you. Realise that this is an important part of your personal-philosophy-forming-process, so keep digging in. Go deep.

2 thoughts on “Go deep

  1. this is great. previously i had to read all the things, but lately i’ve been relaxing into not doing that. you condensed it into words though. it seems such a simple way of looking at it, and yet i’d never thought of it in those terms before.

    i like your blog.

    1. dear tones,

      thank you for liking my blog and finding resonance with this post. there’s just too much information/content/ideas/things to consume nowadays, and we sometimes forget that we already have all that we need to learn in just the few books, few movies, few websites that we already inspire us and that we already love!

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