Do less, do better, know why

Sorry I disappeared for awhile!

Singapore is on its third day of soft lockdown – we are to stay home for one month and are no longer allowed by law to visit anyone who is living at a different address, although we can still go out to buy food and exercise.

Is it surreal? A little. But flow we must.

Cal Newport on how to be less overwhelmed and more meaningfully productive:
1. Do fewer things.
2. Do them better.
3. Know why you’re doing them.

A nice reminder for these times. And for all times, really.

One thought on “Do less, do better, know why

  1. We’ve had three weeks of lockdown in the UK so far along with one week (so far) of actual isolation as my eldest daughter had symptoms (fortunately, she’s getting better and didn’t develop the secondary pneumonia which puts you in hospital.)

    It’s not been too bad. Getting out to do essential shopping was obviously a highlight, an opportunity to escape the house for a while, a change of scenery, even if it wasn’t terribly exciting.

    I’m working from home so still get an element of structure to most days as I have to cover shifts according to a rota but it’s definitely nothing like being in the office. Still, the workload is reduced as everyone is in the same boat and it gets boring just waiting for things to happen.

    My daily writing and meditation practices have definitely helped keep me sane. Trying to give each day some definition and identity to distinguish it from the others has been part of that. I think it helps that my blog is very “day orientated” so I can focus that way.

    Stay safe.

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