“Energy goes where intention goes. Energy goes where attention goes. Energy goes where your thoughts are going. So where should I spend my attention during the day? What do you want to create? This is the question. What do you want to do with your lifetime? You can either take part in this world by being a creator, by bringing or offering something to the world that people can benefit from, or you can also just live a life purely for consumption. In which part of this system do you see yourself? Only consuming, or also creating?

What is the most precious thing you have in this lifetime? Besides your health, it’s time. When the time’s over, we have no time. This is why time is so precious. Maybe this is the reason why it’s embedded in the universe, that whenever you spend time on something, this universe is going to pay you back for this time that you invested. You spend time with your family, you are creating relationship with your family. You spend a lot of time at your working place, you are creating something in regards to the relationship with your working place or company.

The question is: What do you want? What makes you satisfied, what gives you fulfilment, what makes it easy for you to wake up, to walk through the day? That’s something you decide for yourself. And after you have given a purpose to yourself, then this is where you spend your attention on. Because every type of creation needs time.”
Shi Heng Yi

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