A break

I’m on a break right now from my photography work — a much-needed break. Still pending the completion of a couple of projects, but when they’re all wrapped up in end March / early April my break will officially begin.

Things are already slowing down. Today I had the whole day to myself. I read and meditated and ate a good lunch. I spent most of the day sitting at my balcony on my favorite chair. The weather was wonderfully rainy and windy, with occasional glimpses of sunlight. My favorite kind of weather.

I’ve longed for a proper break for a long time. I have always had mini-breaks and have always tried to take time off work, but I always ended up traveling or going somewhere else and getting myself even more tired out. Then I hop back into work immediately and get more tired again. It’s an endless looping cycle of being tired.

A break will be good for my creativity. I feel I have reached a stage with my photography where, without time to play and meander and be bored, things will simply continue to be business-as-usual. I can continue to take on more jobs and continue to make more money, but the truth is that I’m not happy with where I am creatively. In order to continue down this path of photography, it is almost essential that I take a good long break and come back re-energized.

I will be “off the grid” for a few months to allow myself space, lots and lots of space, for new possibilities to arise. I want to rest and to rest well, but I also want to rest so that my creative energy can be allowed to build up again.

And not only to connect with my own creativity again, but also with my own self. I know it sounds woo-woo as hell, but I want to come home to myself and to know — to remind myself of — what I really want. I want to further loosen the grip society has on me, to slowly unlock the door that has been keeping me imprisoned in a world of other people’s ideas.

And I think a break like this might be pretty useful for achieving something like what I’ve just described.

I’ll update on my progress here, of course =)

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